The White Temple Shooting Attempt…

Wat Rong Khun also known as “The White Temple” is the best Art Exhibit I have ever visited. The Artist Chalermchai has spent just under a million pounds on this project. There is construction taking palace at the temple as Chalermchai is in the process of constructing another building adjacent to the temple purely for buddhist and meditation teachings. The Artist feels by doing this project, it will provide him an immortal life.

thai-motorwayIts crazy how entry price is free for Thai’s and only costs £1 for a non Thai. Naturally for this project to carry on, the temple does accept donations but they strangely have a cap of £200 maximum donation per person. Chalermchai has set this to ensure that money can not influence this project and that it can not be brought.

After a great day of exploring the grounds of Wat Rong Khun, we headed back to Chiang Mai which takes around three hours from Chiang Rai. During the trip most people were asleep apart from a family where the kids were playing with their mother. Suddenly the driver started shouting at another driver, so nothing unusual. Our driver than started signalling swear words in his rear view mirror. Instantaneously a Porsche Cayenne was driving along side us on the motorway. Our driver then continue to shout at this car and make hand signals to him. Whilst doing so the Porsche then rolled his window down, an evil smile appear on his face as he pulled out a hand gun with his right hand.

I shouted for everyone to get down, the whole minibus looked at me as if I was crazy but I didn’t care. It then turned into a chase of cat and mouse. Shortly we came back in contact with the Porsche but as he wound down his window again, A police car merged from a Junction. With that, the Porsche then left the motorway.

Later we was informed that due to the car this person had, he was most likely linked to the Mafia and this type of thing is a common occurrence. It is then pinned on an innocent party so that gives people the thought that justice has been served.

Crazy how these things happened, especially when its to yourself. What a way to end such a great day.

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