My Angkor Wat Experience

No photo can do this place justice! I did not realise how big ‘Angkor Wat’ is as it is not just one temple, it is a series of temples over 402 acres of land. While we visited in July 2016, we were told that they were in the process of discovering a new temple on the site, and that they are constantly discovering more.

Me and Jordan at Ta Phrom

We got a Tuk Tuk driver near our hotel for which we paid him for the day to take us around the site. This cost us around $12 which was $4 each. We only went for one day which cost $20 but there are options to get a two or three day pass. The two day pass was only $39 so a saving of $1 so you may as well go for one day and see how you feel.

My favourite temple was Ta Phrom, and no thats not because it was in the film Tomb Raider! I just found it fascinating how the building has stayed the same since it was discovered and the fact that a tree has grown in between the building and acts as a support. This is the only temple that has not been a part of restoration and this seems to be because the tree has protected and preserved this building.

I regret not going for the two days as we did not cover everything. We missed the last temple. It was 40 degrees at three in the afternoon, the heat was getting so unbearable we decided to go back to the hotel and jump in the pool. In between the sites there were markets selling souvenirs, food and drinks. At the entrance to Angkor Wat, there is a man there who hand paints oil paintings of the temples. I couldn’t help but to buy one of Ta Phrom even though I couldn’t afford it, I just lived on egg fried rice for the next few days. It got slightly damaged when we went to Vietnam but luckily it didn’t spoil it!

My Oil Painting

My advice, is to get plenty of water for the journey and to go a second day so you try and cram in all the temples without nearly passing out from the heat!

So you nearly pass out before getting back to the pool 🙂


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