Travelling as a Couple

When seeing the world with the person you love, its a dream come true for most people but it can change your experience in comparison to travelling solo. Travelling as a couple does have its benefits…

  • Having someone to chat to on the plane
  • Having company in the long waiting times in the airport (Getting lost in the airport together)
  •  Just general constant company is great and being able to share your memories and experiences with someone, especially someone you love, its great.


Unfortunately there are some down sides to traveling as a couple;

  • You can be restricted to meeting new people initially as some people don’t want to disturb you as some people think ‘oh, they won’t want to talk to us. Let them enjoy themselves together’
  • When traveling a couple you may want to see things  and go to different places and countries that the other person doesn’t want to and vice versa. This can become awkward and then would have to lead some sort of comprise. ( Luckily me and emma just want to see everywhere so we don’t have this issue, well sometimes she may want to go shopping in shops i don’t want to do)

Now even though there are down sides, there are ways to get round them…

Firstly you can  try to act less ‘coupley’ around people (especially in hostel situations); Meaning just to try and act more like friends. I would class Emma as my best friend anyway so this is quite easy to do and recently when we were in a hostel in Tokyo most people asked ‘So how do you guys know each other?’  and didn’t seem to realise we were together, but being all kissy in front of people you’ve just met can make things uncomfortable for them.

IMG_3367When you are traveling together as a couple or even friends, you are going to come across places that you may want to go and other person may not.  Its just about compromise. Trying new things is what its about, isn’t it? Take it in turn to decide where you’re going, don’t let one of you make all the decisions of the trip.

Also, sometimes on a long trip together you need to get a moment by yourself, take 5 minutes to read a book or go on the internet alone. Being completely in each others faces constantly can be a negative thing, even if you’re really close.

IMG_1628A good way to get a break from each other is to interact with other people. You don’t always have to meet people as a pair, and talking to new people alone can be a good way to get a little break from each other.

The main thing is to have fun, sometimes travelling about can be stressful. If I’ve learnt anything it’s that when you get lost and you’re stressed, don’t argue, it makes things 10 x worse. Laugh about it together and stay positive!


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