Driving in Thailand

Thailand is like entering a whole new world. Say goodbye to common sense and logic as it sometimes appears as non existent, especially on the roads. Walking around the streets you feel just a constant adrenaline, you must always be alert. This is due to the many vehicles  on the roads. The swarm of mopeds and many trucks in between.

You must get into the swing of their driving style. I say their as it is defiantly unique to the country. The constant boy racer attitude for all ages. It seems that you are defined a ‘good driver’ the more you become close to a crash. This is most clear whilst motorway driving when changing lanes, you must just miss the car ahead by the skim of your teeth at high speed.  There is also a must to weave in-between all lanes you gain that extra second on your journey.

Also in the towns, nobody seems to know who has the right of way so of course they just ‘go with the flow’ and hope for the best. The surprising thing is that especially in tourist areas, despite this, the majority of westerners drive around on mopeds at high speeds with no helmets on. Pattaya is a perfect example for this. It is also a perfect example of where police officers are hunting down foreigners doing these silly mistakes to charge them ridiculous fines, the price depending on what they feel they can get away with. It should be around 200 baht fine but it is know for them to charge 1 or 2 thousand baht.

I have had two accidents in Thailand driving motorbikes and my only advise is that the minute you start driving sensible, you will have an accident. It sounds mad but its true, people expect you to do the wrong thing so they assume you will do that and when you do the right thing, it causes a crash.  So drive the same as them within reason and always wear a helmet!

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